Dungeons and Dragons - Heroes of Khorvaire

The Price of Fame

So the council has been duped into letting this Shar monk have a seat?
Doubtful, either he has more power than he claims, or someone is backing him for their own reasons.
Do we know which yet?
Well now that we have established most of his motives getting inside his organization has been relatively easy. Sadly, any information procured has been lackluster at best. It seems that their is a hierarchy in place operating autonomously from him, and they seem to be much more accustomed to working in the actual shadows. He very well could be a front for a much more powerful force. We should have actual intelligence on his operations inside a month.
What about his pro tempore?
Unknown as of yet.
Hmmm well that’s encouraging. At least our rivals will be as in the dark as we are
Indeed. It seems everyone is scrambling to find out who he is and his motivations.



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