Dungeons and Dragons - Heroes of Khorvaire

Consequences Part 2

He WHAT??!!!
..He let them go…
<crash> Small explosion <bang> Glass Shattering <clatter> second, third, fourth explosion
Bring him to me… NOW!

a few moments later…
You wanted to see me my lord?
Yes my sweet prince, my honored pupil, the holy green one! Pretell my child why thou thought that it wouldst be a good idea to release the Heroes of Khorvaire?
Oh that’s quite simple my lord!
Oh? Do tell.
Well my liege, no offense, but Your Grace’s emissaries seemed a little too prudish in their thinking. So I, being the great leader that I am, took it upon myself to do much more than simply kill them!
< massaging temples > Naturally..Of course. And what great seed of destruction did you sow? What jewels and riches did you take from them?! What horrors from beyond the great veil did you inflict upon their souls?!! What did you DO that WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN SIMPLY KILLING THEM AND BRINGING ME THE BONES???!!!
Oh my lord it was very simple! I just let the great mother’s child speak to their souls.
You whaa..?
Chuth used his great power to speak to the greed that lies in all mortal creatures souls, and then revealed it for all to see. I have to admit that two of them resisted, but all in all it was very good information, and it divided them even more.
Instead of killing them?
So… instead of killing, kidnapping, turning them into traitors, murdering, beheading, or even lightly stabbing them….. you toyed with their emotions and released them? Is that correct?
Well of course my lord.
And why should I let you live after destroying a very good plan to remove this thorn in my side?
Because now my lord we have sown the seeds to destroy all the forces that are starting to ally against the great and holy queen mother. By running these “heroes” have proved themselves cowards. Already my father withdraws his support. Others will follow quickly as we prove that there isn’t anyone strong enough to stand up to us. We can easily use these fools to distract and divide the traitorous forces that are starting to come against the great mother.
……..That actually isn’t half bad. We will need to work a few kinks out of it, but overall it lines up nicely with my original plan.
Thank you my liege!
Now go carry out the new preparations. The great queen mother stirs…it won’t be long now.



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