Dungeons and Dragons - Heroes of Khorvaire

Consequences Part 1

My King we have confirmation….
It is the prince.
<sigh> What should I do? Be a good King to my people? Be a good father to my son?
…Sire I have no doubt that whatever you choose it will be the right choice. I for one will follow you not matter what the cost.
Who else knows?
Word is spreading quickly among our people alone. To my knowledge no one else knows…..But I don’t know how long that will last. Many think that exiling our people is one reason they turn away from the true path. Many others will blame this on the other internal factions and outside influences that have long divided us. This brings us closer to revolt… It is in our enemies best interest to keep us divided.
I can’t kill my own son…..I can’t dishonor his mother’s memory anymore than I already have. I already failed her twice…

…Enough. We will withdraw and consolidate our people’s strength. My son has made his decision and now I make mine. The other races will have to deal with this on their own. We must protect our own.
Yes, My King. I will send out the appropriate emissaries.



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