Dungeons and Dragons - Heroes of Khorvaire

The Art of Subtlety

Well your meeting with the tree elf boy was beyond subtle, even for you.
Look maybe not my best tactic, but at least we know for certain where his loyalties lie. Not like I had much choice.
I know that you believe in these people, but what if his heart wavers? Or just as importantly, what happens if any one of them decides that this road is just a little too hard?
You think I don’t understand the risk? You have a better plan? Oy Bugger my ass with Helm’s constraints woman! WE DON’T HAVE A CHOICE. When was the last time you heard of heroes finding relics? When was the last time the gods spoke to you? Or spoke to ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER??!! No this is our best shot and you know it.
Maybe…..Maybe not.
No. I may be a cantankerous conniving skallywag, but I won’t turn to that. Plus evil folks always have the worst beer.
Time may come when you don’t have a choice.
There is always a choice.
Between life and death? That we do agree on. Personally, I would rather be on an evil god’s shoulder, than under the heel.
Personal opinion?
You know better. Survival has always been our first and foremost concern. We will do what we must. For now just keep an eye on them.

Consequences Part 2

He WHAT??!!!
..He let them go…
<crash> Small explosion <bang> Glass Shattering <clatter> second, third, fourth explosion
Bring him to me… NOW!

a few moments later…
You wanted to see me my lord?
Yes my sweet prince, my honored pupil, the holy green one! Pretell my child why thou thought that it wouldst be a good idea to release the Heroes of Khorvaire?
Oh that’s quite simple my lord!
Oh? Do tell.
Well my liege, no offense, but Your Grace’s emissaries seemed a little too prudish in their thinking. So I, being the great leader that I am, took it upon myself to do much more than simply kill them!
< massaging temples > Naturally..Of course. And what great seed of destruction did you sow? What jewels and riches did you take from them?! What horrors from beyond the great veil did you inflict upon their souls?!! What did you DO that WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN SIMPLY KILLING THEM AND BRINGING ME THE BONES???!!!
Oh my lord it was very simple! I just let the great mother’s child speak to their souls.
You whaa..?
Chuth used his great power to speak to the greed that lies in all mortal creatures souls, and then revealed it for all to see. I have to admit that two of them resisted, but all in all it was very good information, and it divided them even more.
Instead of killing them?
So… instead of killing, kidnapping, turning them into traitors, murdering, beheading, or even lightly stabbing them….. you toyed with their emotions and released them? Is that correct?
Well of course my lord.
And why should I let you live after destroying a very good plan to remove this thorn in my side?
Because now my lord we have sown the seeds to destroy all the forces that are starting to ally against the great and holy queen mother. By running these “heroes” have proved themselves cowards. Already my father withdraws his support. Others will follow quickly as we prove that there isn’t anyone strong enough to stand up to us. We can easily use these fools to distract and divide the traitorous forces that are starting to come against the great mother.
……..That actually isn’t half bad. We will need to work a few kinks out of it, but overall it lines up nicely with my original plan.
Thank you my liege!
Now go carry out the new preparations. The great queen mother stirs…it won’t be long now.

Consequences Part 1

My King we have confirmation….
It is the prince.
<sigh> What should I do? Be a good King to my people? Be a good father to my son?
…Sire I have no doubt that whatever you choose it will be the right choice. I for one will follow you not matter what the cost.
Who else knows?
Word is spreading quickly among our people alone. To my knowledge no one else knows…..But I don’t know how long that will last. Many think that exiling our people is one reason they turn away from the true path. Many others will blame this on the other internal factions and outside influences that have long divided us. This brings us closer to revolt… It is in our enemies best interest to keep us divided.
I can’t kill my own son…..I can’t dishonor his mother’s memory anymore than I already have. I already failed her twice…

…Enough. We will withdraw and consolidate our people’s strength. My son has made his decision and now I make mine. The other races will have to deal with this on their own. We must protect our own.
Yes, My King. I will send out the appropriate emissaries.

Old Friends

100,000. Final Offer.
So it has come to this Little Biscuit?
I told you not to call me that.
Oh come now, we both know that there is no need to be rude. You are in my Lord’s way, and you know the penalty of that all too well.
Well come and impose your penalty.
Goodbye Little Biscuit.

< Plink > < Plink>

<cough> My my… it seems I underestimated how much you are willing to trade for them Little Biscuit. I’m glad it was y(intelligible garble)…..

I told you not to call me that, my name is Jamna.

Dark Seeds

Well that wasn’t so hard was it?
Indeed, I was kind of disappointed in how easily they are baited.
Do you think they understand the word subterfuge?
Doubtful. They are strong and strong willed, but luckily weak with pride. Still…. something seems off.
Did we miss something?
Ahhhh it seems the sneaky druid got one over on us. How trivial and inconvenient.
How trivial?
She only managed to delay the inevitable.

The Price of Fame

So the council has been duped into letting this Shar monk have a seat?
Doubtful, either he has more power than he claims, or someone is backing him for their own reasons.
Do we know which yet?
Well now that we have established most of his motives getting inside his organization has been relatively easy. Sadly, any information procured has been lackluster at best. It seems that their is a hierarchy in place operating autonomously from him, and they seem to be much more accustomed to working in the actual shadows. He very well could be a front for a much more powerful force. We should have actual intelligence on his operations inside a month.
What about his pro tempore?
Unknown as of yet.
Hmmm well that’s encouraging. At least our rivals will be as in the dark as we are
Indeed. It seems everyone is scrambling to find out who he is and his motivations.


Well my lord they seemed very out of sorts.
And did they cry?! There were soooo many bodies! Those do-gooders must have really been rocked to their core!! Come on tell me how their tear stained faces look!
Yes, about the tears my lord…..
Yes, YES! I want every detail!
…..They didn’t cry my lord…..I’m terribly sorry
…….< stunned silence >……

But there were so many bodies?
I know my lord.
But, but, did they get the ominous note?
Yes, my lord.
No looks of terror from that?
Afraid not my lord.
Well what about their noble griffon mounts?! Surely it must have been awful to see them drawn and quar… *
< head shaking >

But the town turned into a burning effigy for the queen surely tha….
…..About that my lord they actually wrote…. Tiamat is a… B I T C H
Oh, I see. Well that’s more than a little rude. They don’t seem to respect the traditional roles at all! Very well two can play at that game. Send in one of our new “associates”
…..Are you sure my lord…..I mean maybe an attack on them while we know where they are?
No. Sadly, they have decided not to play with us. We won’t be rude and insult them. Let us see if our new associates will make a better impression.

Opening Gambits

So… this is the Harper’s big plan?
It lacks their usual finesse, but I don’t doubt their hand in it’s creation. However, it should prove very effective, and it does require everyone’s vote for it occur.
Of that I have no doubt. Very bold indeed. And this applies to all magically held items for sale to the public?
Yes, my lord
And out of the council, how many have voted in favor?
Everyone except you, my lord
Good. I assume we have written favorable terms?
…..Slightly favorable my lord.
Slightly? How so?
It seems Lord Neverember has taken over the council’s contract dealings “until such a time as this crisis has been averted from our lands”
Hmmm. He is even more clever than I suspected.
Very well, but amend the contract to facilitate one of our own must be at the leadership table, our troops must be paid double for their unique services, and for this I will be motivated to protect my own interests. Which now, incidentally, coincide with theirs.

Yes, my lord. Do you think the council will agree?
They have no choice, also Lord Neverember will be expecting most of this. I wonder if my choice of general will surprise him though. Interesting turn of events. Well let’s see what happens when all of the high ranking magic profiteers’ wares go to a war effort….Looks like all of those dealings will have to be done through us now. Well played Neverember. Pawn to D4. Your turn.


“No no no no no nononononononono. Oh why me? Why must I always give him the bad news?”
“……….my lord?”
“Sire, I have news from the north.”
“Well get on with it. Can’t you see I’m busy?”
“Skyreach castle has been lost ma lord.”
“…..What do you mean lost?”
“…..Well ma lord as I understand it, there was a group of heroes and in the ensuing battle Rezmir’s forces along with two wizards were either routed or killed.”
“And the treasure in said lost castle?”
“…..Lost with the castle too ma Lord.”
“I see.”
“Wait my lord! Please not again! I’m sorry my lord! Aaaahahahaa AAAAHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
“Now see what you made me do? Now stop crying this hurts me far more than it hurts you.”
“…Y e a s s… ma lord… I’mmmm sorry ma lord.”
“Now now it’s ok. Now, be a good lad and fetch Rezmir for her lesson.”

A tale of four NPCs
Several month's ago in a tavern just like any other......

….And that’s how the dragon lost a staring contest to an elf!"
“No way!”
“Not possible”
“Great Torm’s Beard! You are such a liar Cobb!”
“I am not! You heard of them so called “Heroes” of Khorvaire ain’t cha? Well it’s ol’ Kvothe that leads em! And he was the one, who did it! He’s a tricksy elf, but no one knows how tricksy ya ken? Sides I heard it from my brother’s sister’s cousin twice removed on her mom’s side. She ain’t no tall teller!

The room settled on hearing the name of Kvothe. Everyone had heard of these “heroes” People twelve feet tall, breathing acid and belching fire. Killing demons and summoning black dragons from the 9 hells just for fun…

“I know everything there is to know about these kinda things. One of these days people are gonna come from miles around just to listen! Just you wait.”

“Hahahahahaha, that’s a good un Cobb!”
“Hahahaha stop it Cobb! I’m gonna fall outa my chair!”

“What about you there son? Why don’t you take off your hood there and listen to one of my famous stories!”

“Mr. Cobb is it? I thought you would never ask.”


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