“Behold the Great Dragon Ao!”
“Behold his twin children!”
“Behold Bahamut the just and wise!”
“Behold Tiamat the deceitful and avaricious!”
“Behold the plane of mortals!”
“Behold our struggle and tragedy!”
“Behold our fates entwined!”
“Behold the Cold Stone!”
“Behold the Guilder!”
“Behold the Burned!”
“Behold the Barre!”
“Behold the Vengeful!”
“Behold the Black Moon”
“Behold the Dragon’s Roar!”
“Behold our salvation!”
“Behold our annihilation!”

~ Last prophecy of Karnach the Wise

He repeated that in draconian for three weeks. We tried everything to rouse him out of the fever dream. He died as soon as he spoke it for the 1,457th time my lady. If this is the last time I speak with you, it has been an honor and privilege to be of service.

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Dungeons and Dragons - Heroes of Khorvaire

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